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What Is Going On

By: Tom | May 12, 2017

Everytime I go in the store there are new people. Sales are sales but how do I build a relation ship if you keep changing staff. Delivery was poor the guys just wanted out so never more couch to basement as promised by girl at counter said. Counter girl was rude and distracted. She smelled of cigarettes and her drink was more important than my wife and I.After what felt like an argument I against my wife signed up for insurance on order. Luckily I come back in to change my order and the new pretty girl with beautiful hair said I didn't have to have it and removed it. Still if you keep your staff I wouldn't have such terrible service and when I complained to manager she didn't care. Never again!

Television purchase.

By: nelsonpeters1customer | April 27, 2017

I bought a 42 in rca and 7 weeks later I took it out of the box to install in our new home and it had a broken screen. Obvious shipping damage seen on the box after inspecting it. Brought it back to purchase another one and they said NO to a return as their policy is 7 days. United Airlines had a policy and look what happened to that! I find that their policy and customer service is severely lacking and hope they can see that it is better business policy to keep a customer than try to create a new one.

Horrible After Care

By: Bluesapphire69 | March 27, 2017

Last year we purchased a stove, dishwasher & fridge my first new purchase in 20 years, so first surprise was having to pay $100 for interest free payments over two years, so OK was surprised but that's not too bad and then got surprised by an additional $100 delivery charge, so OK I really need appliances my old ones weren't cutting it.
So got my appliances and everything fine until 9 months later fridge starts acting up bottom freezer door doesn't shut, short story short a repair man we had to get found out manufacturer defect and need new door $500 and Teppermans won't help at all was also told they don't have a repair centre. Delivery guys were the only good part.
So I will never buy from here again and have told all friends we know. Very disappointed

Terrible customer service

By: non-member | March 22, 2017

I bought a bed for my son 12 weeks ago and it is still not here. When we initially purchased the bed we were told it would be 6-8 weeks. After 9 weeks I went in to find out what was going on. I was told "next week." Two weeks later, still no bed and no contact to let me know what was happening so I went in again and was told next week again and that they would call me Tuesday. It now Wednesday and I'm being told tomorrow. There has been a complete lack of communication on their part. I understand that things happen and there can be delays but a big part of customer service is communication which this company is sorely lacking.

The worst place to buy furniture from

By: Manal | March 14, 2017

I bought a sofa set. One of them was delivered broken and stained. Called the customer service just offered to fix it refused to provide me with another new one . Talked with the manager and he said we can only fix it. I asked to refund my money and return the purchase and he replied with very bad attitude " this is what we have"
The worst experience ever !!!
File a complaint with consumer protection.

Arrow Furniture

North York, ON

category: Furniture - Retailers


By: non-member | March 2, 2017

Worst customer service and the worst repair service every time i call for my furntiure to be repaired it takes them 3 month to come and fix it, PLEASE DON'T GO. THERE AND SHOP AND DONT BUY THERE WARRENTY ITS ALL A LIE THEY DONT DO NOTHING IF YOU NEED HELP OR SOMETHING TO BE FIXED

Place is horrible

By: non-member | February 28, 2017

I called to speak to the owner because the bed I am purchasing from here they are charging me more than a next place I seen with the same bed but with a better price I called to get my deposit back and he refuses to give it back to me told me to come in to talk to him and stated he would be in all day the day he told me to come I drove all the way from Toronto even gave away my shift to show up at the store for him not to be there I was told come back in 15 mins and I did and he still wasn't back then they told me he's with his account he'll be back in 45 mins if you knew you had a meeting why make plans with someone and tell them to come in wasted my time so I started getting ignorant in the store worst customer service ever I will defiantly not be back after I purchase my bed . They even delivered a table to my friend and didn't bring it upstairs to where it belongs and she told the man her husband wasn't home and she's pregnant and they told her they didn't care for her to deal with it cause they have other delieveries

High end sectional sofas at the best...

By: casadilucelighting | February 21, 2017

We purchased a leather sectional sofa for a living room which we absolutely love. The European workmanship is amazing. The shop on 1194 Caledonia Road is beautifully appointed. Well worth the visit. You will love the variety of well made items. Mike and Rita are a pleasure to deal with!! Best shop in Toronto!!! Don't miss visiting this gem!


By: scott | January 29, 2017

Had a terrible experience years ago with the Burlington Brick selling me furniture and the day before delivery calling me telling me it was discontinued I had to pick something else.

To present day 25 years later I was looking for a specific freezer and only the Brick had it in stock. It's been 25 years I thought their service would be better...WRONG it's worse.

They delivered the freezer requested I wait to plug it in and I did. Upon plugging it in I opened the door and closed it to a loud whistle. Called Fridgette and they said it was a poor seal. Called the brick right away and they wanted a service call on a freezer that was 6 hours old. Finally argued to change it and then spent the next 4 weeks trying to have someone call me back.

Finally received a call back and they claimed to have my wrong number which I never provided them with this number and they called it the day of delivery. Agreed given we had food in the freezer he would do a drop...