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Furnishings 2day

By: gilbertwu | August 23, 2017

This is my worst experience as a customer ever. I purchased a $3500 Natuzzi sofa from Furnishings 2day in February. After a 3 month wait I got it in May and that was when the nightmare started. The delivery guys they contracted were terrible. They did not care about the sofa at all. Inside the truck the sofa was only partially covered and the way they were handling it was just unprofessional. There were multiple cuts on the leather and I called immediately to the sales person/director (initial A) who promised to provide service to us even after purchase. When he picked up the phone he was annoyed and asked me to call the store directly. All the verbal commitments were long gone after the commission.
For the following few months I had to make phone calls and email to the store many many many many times to get help. They would never make any initiative to get back to me. When the receptionist (initial S) was away no one else at the store would even try to help me....


Furnishings 2Day

Mississauga, ON

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By: supey | July 17, 2017

I have shopped at Tepperman's numerous times and due to that have been named as a VIP customer however, the last trip to Tepperman's was anything BUT a VIP treatment.

I went in there to purchase furniture for my son. They had wanted a reclining love seat with middle console and matching reclining rocker. I had received a letter in the mail indicating that I had the ability to deduct a Percentage off of anything I purchase in store as long as I was there on the specified days. When I spoke to the original sales lady I advised them that I was rushed to hospital during those days and was coming in the day after the final date.
She had indicated to me that I "should" be able to deduct still and bring the letter in when we came to pay the balance. We had looked on the floor and also in the Bargain Annex. When in the Bargain Annex we had found a perfect set that was on sale for $800 for the love seat and $500 for the recliner. We had agreed to purchase...


Cost me the roof

By: commoditybull | July 15, 2017

I literally lost the cost of a roof because of this company(Paul and Oleg). I emailed them in writing and called them specifically explaining that my insurance needed to inspect the roof so that they could pay for it. Paul and the company trespassed on my property and tore off the roof three days before the inspection date. After that my insurance wouldn't cover anything as all the evidence of roof damage was destroyed.

No apologies from them. They put a lien on my house without notice after I requested a discount for them costing me the entire cost of the roof. I tried calling Oleg to settle the issue and he hung up on me.

Television purchase.

By: nelsonpeters1customer | April 27, 2017

I bought a 42 in rca and 7 weeks later I took it out of the box to install in our new home and it had a broken screen. Obvious shipping damage seen on the box after inspecting it. Brought it back to purchase another one and they said NO to a return as their policy is 7 days. United Airlines had a policy and look what happened to that! I find that their policy and customer service is severely lacking and hope they can see that it is better business policy to keep a customer than try to create a new one.

Great service!!!

By: Sue Verhart | April 4, 2017

From the moment we walked in the store Tim Aarssen was very helpful. He was patient as we looked through the store and was in no way pushy. When we came back the next day with family to help make a decision on what we needed he again waited patiently and did not hover over us. This type of respect for customers goes a long way in our books and encourages us to return this store in the future when we are shopping for furniture.

Terrible customer service

By: non-member | March 22, 2017

I bought a bed for my son 12 weeks ago and it is still not here. When we initially purchased the bed we were told it would be 6-8 weeks. After 9 weeks I went in to find out what was going on. I was told "next week." Two weeks later, still no bed and no contact to let me know what was happening so I went in again and was told next week again and that they would call me Tuesday. It now Wednesday and I'm being told tomorrow. There has been a complete lack of communication on their part. I understand that things happen and there can be delays but a big part of customer service is communication which this company is sorely lacking.


By: non-member | March 2, 2017

Worst customer service and the worst repair service every time i call for my furntiure to be repaired it takes them 3 month to come and fix it, PLEASE DON'T GO. THERE AND SHOP AND DONT BUY THERE WARRENTY ITS ALL A LIE THEY DONT DO NOTHING IF YOU NEED HELP OR SOMETHING TO BE FIXED