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By: Halilovic123 | November 24, 2016

I purchased a sectional from The Brick had issues with the sofa from day one. There was a manufacturer defect in one of the cushions and it took two years to get it replaced. I now have a problem with springs in the sofa and although the warranty is still active and The Brick has told me they can't do anything for me .am finding it impossible to get a response from them. Customer Service is definately not their strong point. Considering the amount spend on the sofa I would expect more from such a big company. I won't be shopping there ever again.

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By: raihannm | November 18, 2016

I had to call police at this furniture store! Be aware of this furniture store! They would lie on pretty much everything. They promised to deliver my product within 4 days and supposed to call me to arrange a delivery, however I waited 15 days but didn't receive any communication . Then I went to the store and asked about my product. I had paid a deposit at the beginning. They said it would take another week! I said I want my money back since it would be 3 weeks to receive the product. They said they wont give any money back!

At one point the owner-manager Khan started to use M and F word and said leave my store now or I would beat you up! I was socked to hear what he said and never ever experienced this kind of behavior in any part of Canada. And Khan started to lie on free delivery and delivery date as well. At the end I was forced to call cop and they negotiated with the store to ensure my product pick up instead of free delivery! It was a horrible experience and I urge everyone to avoid 1125 Kennedy Road since all 5-6 furniture stores in the same building belong to same person - Khan !

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Scarborough, ON

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Don't ever buy here

By: andreatrueconfections | November 12, 2016

On October 19th, we attended your location and purchased two bedroom sets, a queen mattress set, sofa couch with sleeper bed, sofa and oversize chair, kitchen table and chairs, and coffee table. We were relocating from Toronto and essentially needed an entire house worth of furniture. We were helped by a lovely salesperson named Terri. Terri informed us that all the furniture, with the exception of the couch and chair set, would be delivered on November 2nd, however the other pieces were not in stock, but would be delivered November 12th. True to form, the furniture was delivered November 2nd, and despite that they damaged our hardwood floor, we were happy with our purchases. On November 11th, having not heard from Teppermans about the next day delivery we were anticipating, we went to the store to see what was up. We saw Terri who recognized us and said 'oh I was just in your order today'. She asked what was up and we said we hadn't heard about delivery tomorrow. She...


Transformed my couch, loveseat and...

By: JaniceEret | November 3, 2016

My leather living room set was about to be replaced because my new puppy thought it was a great place to dig and chew. The seat cushions looked like they were almost scratched through and a corner of the vinyl on the my couch was chewed off. Ann transformed my couch, loveseat and recliner back to what it all used to look like when it was new! I just saved about $4000 by not having to replace my furniture. Ann is awesome! My friends will sure hear about this! Thanks so much!

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By: non-member | October 29, 2016

My sales person Holly listened to our needs and was very helpful. We went to several other stores and were either ignored by staff or the staff did not listen to what we wanted.
I returned and purchased our furniture from Teppermans .
The delivery people were polite and very careful.

Best experience in a very long time!

Kathy Emerson

Thank you for making the sectional...

By: CheriBrouwer | October 28, 2016

WOW is the best word I can think of to describe how happy my husband and I are with the repairs made to our sectional. From start to finish it was ten days. Todd and Gary picked up the section needing repaired and returned it when completed. After going through the material books with us a close match was found and then the work really began. It wasn't an easy process as the material had to be dyed and then have what I would call "swirls" (I know this term isn't correct Todd but it is the best description I could come up with) added with yet other dye blended into the material to achieve the match. In fact the material (I believe a form of Naugahyde, pardon me Todd and Gary if I got this wrong) they used is of a far better quality than what was originally on them. You cannot tell by looking at the cushions next to the repaired ones that anything had been done. Perfect match! Thank you Todd and Gary so very much for making the sectional look better than new.

Worst Purchase Experience on Furnitures

By: TammyDuong | October 12, 2016

We bought 2 sofas at Sears Home Furniture store at Northside location 13932 -137 Avenue on NW, Edmonton, AB on September 18, 2016 and delivered on September 30, 2016. We also purchased 5 years extend warranty. On Oct 05, one of two sofas purchased stopped working on power reclining. we called the salesman but he told us it is over 72 hrs for returning. We had to call customer services for repairing on Friday, Oct 07. We have been waiting on service repair guy until today Oct 12, but nobody gives us a call. Keep waiting and waiting. On Oct 11 the 2nd sofa also stops working. What the pieces of junk/garbage furniture. Sears Customer Services are the worst. Never in my life I will buy any thing from Sears again....But too late, I think Sears is closing its business next year forever.

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By: Fenetresmagistral1 | September 19, 2016

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